After getting a Pet Goat, Wizkid set to buy a Monkey

It's no longer news that Wizkid has gotten for himself a goat as a pet, but the singer might not just be stopping there.

Wizkid New Ep Album Yomzansi 1

A few days ago, the singer made an announcement on his Twitter account that he had gotten a new pet and it wasn't what everyone was expecting. Wizkid actually got himself a goat!

Many had hilarious reactions to Wizkid's new choice of pet. His new best friend Davido also reacted to his decision with a hilarious comment.

"Wizkid donn buy goat oo lmao", Davido wrote.

28584364_10215400390788894_1927936001_o 1

It seems that Wizkid might be getting a pet monkey soon. According to a video he posted on his Instagram, he shared a video of a monkey withe the caption "Next 1".


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