The full details as to what went down in Dubai at the One Africa Music Festival hasn't been made available yet, but little details by eyewitness keeps trooping in.

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Davido tweeted the below on his Twitter page today, which reads; "Tekno !!! I got your Back G!!! No one will ever touch you again".


An Eye witness has come out to narrate what led to fracas. Shedding more light on this tweet by Davido, an eye witness who was reportedly present backstage at the event sent a mail to LIB narrating what happened.


"I was backstage last night in Dubai when Tekno extended his hands to shake Sunday Are, and Sunday Are punched Tekno's phone saying he doesn't have respect probably because he thinks he has done him a favour by allowing Wizkid jump on a song with him. Tekno and his goons wanted to attack Sunday Are but Ubi Franklin calmed everything'.


Narrating further he said, 'then Davido and his men came in and heard what happened, that was where the tension started from adding to the fact that they were all fighting to perform before the given time for the hall which was 3am, Wizkid was slapped, small god, Wizkid's right hand man was the man attacked by Davido's Lati in the video circulating online.

While Davido was performing, Davido's fans outside started shouting Profanities at Wizkid, saying Frog Voice Dey kill show pass you, get Hit songs pass you. Wizkid and his people had to be protected out of the venue. Reason for Davido's below tweet'.

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