The love story between Nigerian singer, Banky W and Actress Adesua Etomi is one which has blossomed to the admiration of many.

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It has always been the wish and dream that these guys end up together since we saw them together in the blockbuster movie, The Wedding Party. Well, that dream and aspiration were brought to reality when Banky W earlier in the year shocked everyone with their engagement.

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In a world where celebrities are known for controversies especially their relationships which sometimes includes their romantic relationships and marriages, Banky W and Adesua Etomi have been able to distant themselves from gossip tabloids. Rather it's been one romantic gesture from these guys or the pictures of them showing us how love is supposed to be like.

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Sadly we all know for every good thing there must times of trials or temptations as in recently revealed by Banky W. Lovers and fans of Banky W got the shocker of their lives when he showed pictures of his recovery process after a skin cancer surgery.

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The sweetest part apart from the fact that he is recuperating so fast is the way Adesua has been by his side all through this difficult period. Even Banky W couldn't hide his appreciation for Adesua's care as he jokingly addresses her as his "Nurse Susu" in his Instagram post.

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Trust a lot of people would say if this would be a stumbling block to their wedding plans which is just around the corner.

Well, that is absolutely wrong as you might be surprised that even if this might have distracted them from the wedding preparations and the release of the sequel to the blockbuster movie, The Wedding Party, these guys would come out strong and have one happily ever after story.

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