Veteran Nollywood Actor, Producer and Director, Yomi Fabiyi has denied an accusation by one Eniola Omoshalew, an actress turned realtor, who accused him of demanding sex from her, 9-years-ago, in exchange for a movie role when she was still struggling to become an actress.

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According to her, Yomi Fabiyi left her stranded on the road when she told him she be giving him sex. Here's what she wrote;

"This stupid guy, I remember my encounter with him 9 yrs ago when I was still passionate about acting, I was happy wen I met him as he promised dat he will feature me in a movie dat very day."

"I was so excited, I quickly called my ppl that I won't be coming home o. I dey go location. Only for him to be telling me dat shey I know I can't sleep in a separate room wen we get to the location o @Ikorodu ."


"Dat we av to sleep together and he will have sex with me b4 he can feature me at all. He say na normal tin for all d actress o. I was so heart broken. U know wat dis guy now did? As i told him I can't do it, he just dropped me along d express in d middle of the busy road in Ketu. I cried till i reach home.My mama just dey console me like a baby."



Then Yomi Fabiyi Responded;

"You all will be surprised to know that a very very close person is even behind all this and other fake accounts and proxies. She has been an enemy for long, snitching since I can remember despite all but all I have for all these logba lagidis is FORGIVENESS. Mo juwon lo, egbe baba won lemi n se.

I don't dignify everybody with a response. Can u imagine, you agreed to sleep over and I will now bother myself with asking you if you will sleep with me.

That 9yrs ago I never sure of getting a room without being paired let alone someone following me. Another big lie is that I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DRIVE LET ALONE OWN A CAR 9YEARS AGO. Awon were.

I will respond formally to genuine allegations. NOW NA THEM THEY GIVE PERSON ATTENTION UNSOLICITED. These ones have been watchin CNN lately."

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