Big Brother Naija winner, Efe Ejeba, debuted a new look, and his fans, and Nigerians generally, aren't having any of it.


The rapper, showed his dyed new beard and immediately got complaints from most of his followers with some outrightly saying it's just not cool.

Read the comments below; "Efe, what is this? I'm not feeling you..", Most of his fans wrote on Instagram. "What kind of look is this?"

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"Oga calm down. Abeg go clean that thing... you be person way from bush come out", a user wrote.

Another user commented; "I prefer the old one but this one isn't bad either,just trim the beards abit and you are good to go"

"Xoxoxoxo ugly. It doesn't look good on u. U so much look like an aged man", another comment reads.

Someone wrote; "You people will not feel music, you will still not feel his looks. Na wah"

Another comments reads; "We nva even start to dey feel ur music, u go tint ya beards, hmmm na wa.. Nor let d grace wen dey follow u since go follow another person bcos ur look don change o"

A fan decided to pray against the spirit of confusion in the life of Efe, "efe!...efe!!.... efe!!! brother kneel down let me pray for u! any spirit of confusion out in the name of Jesus !!"

While another user, urged others not to insult him; "What is the meaning of all this nonsense in his post you guys should be careful of your words, is this the way to advise someone with insult, it wrong guys, it's a celebrity at least he deserve some respect for God sake"

"Efe you didn't have to do this,we loved you the way you where" A user wrote.

"Efe nothing do you. Don't mind all these cowards here. Let them advise themselves & their family members.", a user enoobongid wrote.

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