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Queen Okafor has been dubbed Nigeria's Hairiest woman, and recently, she's shaved off her beards, so she could look more feminine.

"Queen of Hairs, is changing her face, to look more feminine", she wrote on Instagram.

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Recall in an interview with PUNCH many months back, she claims ets not less than 100 suitors and admirers everyday due to her hairs.

"I get not less than 100 suitors and admirers everyday depending on the occasion. Married and single men, boys, girls, lesbians and gay men are attracted to me. But I can't accept every person that approaches me because people are very deceptive.
Some men will tell me that they are not married, whereas they are married with children at home. I am not married, but I intend to get married one day because that is the prayer of every woman, but definitely not to a married man. If God answers my prayers, I will be happy to be married to a businessman that will love me and not be one that will beat me."


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