Ramsey Nouah Omoni

Nollywood Actress and movie prodcer, Omoni Oboli's latest movie titled 'My wife and I' has given Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah the privilege to experience another sphere of acting for the first time since his career kicked off.

The actor who was speaking to a select crowd of Nollywood-A listers at Imax Cinema, Lekki Lagos. Said the role gave him a different level of challenge but the feeling of playing a woman was the most amazing he has ever had.

He revealed that he has never done anything as challenging as this role because he not only gets to act like a woman, he also has to walk like a woman, and trust us that was no easy job as his catwalks definitely cracked the cinema up.

'My Wife & I' is a Nollywod movie that portrays the life of a couple that were on the verge of getting a divorce when God intervened in their situation and they woke up one morning to find themselves in each other's body. That transformation at first was chaotic, but later on, it did more good than harm as it brought them together and made them fall in love with each other again.

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  • Date: Aug 27, 2017

Dis is totally lovely