Bisola 1

Big Brother Naija ex housemate, Bisola in an
interview with Naij, says life was indeed very
tough for her at one point and she and her
daughter had to beg for food. She said she
stopped her university education at NOUN
because of N15,000 and she has experienced
the down part of life severally due to lack of

In her own words, Bisola said;

"Looking back at Big Brother Naija... I wanted
that platform. I wanted that wide reach.
People send me messages from Kenya, South
Africa, Uganda, etc. on a normal day, before I
entered the house, how many people would
have known me?

So yes, even though I did not win, I feel like I
achieved my aim. Even if I won that money, It
would still finish. Why she did not attend
university I wrote Jamb and I was jammed.

It's not like I did not try. I tried so many schools all over the country. Continue below...

It's not that I wasn't passing the exams; it
was a problem of not getting funds. I did not
have money to pay for certain things. I was
even duped when I tried to enter LASU. That
pulled me back and all this just made me

I also tried National Open University (NOUN)
and you know it is very easy to get into
NOUN, and at certain times you needed to
pay certain fees. Believe me; it was difficult
to raise N15, 000 at that time.

I just decided that all of my energy let me use
it into using my talent to feed myself.

Sometimes when there was no food to eat at
home, I take my daughter to my neighbor's
house under the pretext of watching television
and stylishly feed my daughter and myself.

That's why I can relate to people because
when you are down, you are down. But one
cannot just stay down. I would love to help
people get out of this type of situation."

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