Bobrisky Throwback

Nigerian bleaching expert and transvestite, Bobrisky has been living the good life since he rose to stardom and has been living that luxury life.

The cross-dresser shared his excitement as he thanked God for the good life he's living and also shared what God promised him long before he became Bobrisky.

He took to his social media page to write:

Just wanna thank God for his mercy in my life.i was nobody before ??????. I almost gave up. But my God proved to me that he is still existing .

I drive d latest cars ?, travel to any country I want, use d most expensive phones ? thank u father ????.i wont be shy of who I am. U are free to insult me lol u are only reminding my God not forget d long life he promise me, d private jet he has in place for me,lastly good health. So continue I won't t block u anymore. Cheers

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