A young girl who looks bizarrely like a real-life Japanese manga character has been attracting attention from thousands of people. But, if the look is actually real is yet to be proved.

According to Sun UK, Vlogger Nozomi, from Tokyo, is being hailed as the "two-dimensional babe" - 2D babe - because of her uncanny likeness to the comic book characters. In her snaps Nozomi showcases her disproportionately enormous eyes and heart-shaped face - both iconic characteristics of manga women.

She also styles her hair, clothes and make-up in homage to the Japanese comic book heroes.

But are her striking manga looks the real deal, or the result of some clever photo-editing? There are rumours Nozomi, a self-confessed manga fanatic, has had plastic surgery to enhance her likeness to the female comic book characters.

Nozomi 1

Local media reports claim she has gone under the knife to shorten and flatten her face, as well as further enlarge her eyes.

Nozomi is attracting a lot of attention from fellas with comic character fetishes in Japan and neighbouring countries South Korea and Taiwan, AsiaWire reports.

She can often be seen at manga conventions in Tokyo - especially in the manga capital known as the Akihabara district.

Nozomi started up her online persona around three years ago, creating her manga look with deftly applied eyeliner, girlish pink lipstick and cute hairstyles.

Despite pictures of her being shared thousands of times on social media, Nozomi still only has around 400 social media followers. Earlier this week, we told how a goth teen spent £27k turning herself into a real-life Barbie - and wants to have six ribs removed to emulate the toy's hourglass figure.

Nozomi 2
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Last year we told how Real Madrid footballers were given a manga makeover on their arrival in Japan for the Club World Championship.

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