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These female celebrities who don't wear underwear are very brave.|

 In real life, going out of the house without a bra requires some courage and self-confidence. You can imagine how scary it is not to wear underwear on the red carpet. But these brave women are free to leave the house without a bra, even knowing that they probably can be on the pictures of paparazzi.

Women are often blamed for the fact that they are wrong dressed or look indecent, but these stars do not care about the public opinion. Check out top 10 celebrities who don't like to wear underwear:

10. Heidi Klum

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Heidi is perhaps the most famous top model of all, who have ever walked the catwalk. Her beauty is timeless and a playful character is her 'business card', which has made Heidi a spectacular career. She tried on outfits of all renowned designers, both on the catwalk and on the red carpet. But she is not a big fan of bras. The outfit requires it or not, it doesn't matter, as Heidi often does not wear a bra, which is just commendable for so beautiful woman of her age.

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The celebs, who don't wear underwear, are often in news due to their appearance. 

Do they do it for purpose?

 Only they know it!

And we are here to watch them and like it or not.

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