Liberian-born-Nigeria based Nollywood actress, Blessing Brown, has revealed that she is ready to act n*de as long as the pay is right and in hard currencies.

"For 1 Million dollars, perhaps, i'll think about it. Let's see how it goes, I don't know for now, but I can give it shot, the money is attractive though (laughs)", she hinted.

However, as a curvaceous script interpreter, Ms Brown is not ready to go under the knives to enhance her endowments. Hear her; "I don't want to go for plastic surgery, my boobs are firm and okay. My butts are not that big but I like it. I just like the way I'm."

When asked how she handles cold nights as a single lady, the light skinned budding actress tells it all.

"Cold nights? I'm fine, focused and don't think about sex for now. If I'm cold, I'll drink tea, watch the TV, then grab my pillow and sleep. I'm not presently dating anybody right now. My boyfriend and I broke up after I came to Nigeria, he wasn't in support of my moving from Liberia to Nigeria, so we had to separate.

"Since then, I haven't been in a relationship. I like dark, tall men. If any short man, approach me, I see him like an under-aged boy trying to woo me."

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