And she always does it with style


 is totally the most stylish woman in the world, take it or leave it.
We just love that she fits so perfectly in every outfit she decides to grace with her divine body.

Whether she's rocking a dress or a pair of jeans, the talented singer always manages to slay.

Here are 12 times she made all of us want to go get a pair of ripped jeans.

1. That time she reminded us to always say thank you

Beyonce High Waited Jeans


2. That time she was a blondie

Beyoncee 1


3. And that time she wore a black pair?

Beyonce In Ripped Jeans 11


4. That time she and Jay were totally with Hillary Clinton

Beyonce Clinton


5. She [i]dungareed[/i] it up so cooly

Beyonce%CC%81 In Ripped Jumpsuit
She be stunting

6. Dollar dollar bill yo!

Beyonce 3


7. Watching a basketball game is her favourite pastime



8. And that time she kept it simple with the girls?



9. Stepping out in New York like

Beyonce In Ripped Jeans


10. Shooting music videos like the boss chic she is

Beyonce Shoot 1


11. She started the trend a long long time ago!

Beyonce Knowles J Brand


12. And is still killing it years later

Screen Shot 2017 02 20 At 6.16.29 PM

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