Falz Dad

Falz is currently one of the biggest names in the music industry today.

.His dad, Femi Falana, has however revealed that the singer's mum didn't like her son's music career initially.

Mr Femi Falana who's a Senior Advocate of Nigeria said Falz convinced him easily but he couldn't convince his mum.

Falana who was a guest speaker at a valedictory service and prize giving day ceremony at a school in Ibadan said: -

"Don't force any course on your children; don't insist that they must be a doctor or a lawyer. My son Folarin, who was working in our chambers, came to inform me one day that he wanted to leave. I said I could find him a place in one of my friends' chambers. But he said no, 'I'm going to be a musician'. When I asked why, he convinced me but he couldn't convince his mother because she's also a lawyer.

Today, he's doing well as a musician and not as a lawyer. So let's debate with our children to know what they want to do."

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  • Date: Nov 24, 2016

what mr falana said is true u cannot force a career on your child