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Tobi's alleged 'girlfriend' Regina who is currently under pressure, has come to say she is too powerful to be in anyone's shadow.


Recall that Tobi had talked about a woman in his life earlier in the day of the show. Further fact findings later revealed Regina, who is a fitness enthusiast as his girlfriend.

However during subsequent discussions, he made it clear he was single and knows there would be many ladies out there claiming to be his girlfriend.

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While Regina never called herself his girlfriend, her support for him has been unwavering. All through the days of the show, she could be seen campaigning intensively for Tobi and this was intensified in the latter days of the show .

Now that Alex is in the picture, Regina might feel threatened and some people are even insinuating that she should be ready to face a stiff competition from the ex Big Brother Naija housemate

Regina, however shut down the speculations saying she is too powerful to be in anyone's shadow.

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Regina, who had supported Tobi, until the last day, was obviously traumatized when he was evicted on the final day of the show.

In a series of tweets of twitter, she had mentioned that Ebuka, the show host, didn't win in his time. And here he is today, with a lot of achievements in his coffers. She even stated that Tobi will achieve greater things and she is ready to stick with him until the end.

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And she also mentioned that if she is to choose again in another life, she will choose Tobi over and over again.

These tweets are just enough for anyone to assume the duo have a thing for each other.

But we believe time will decide whom the brother will eventually stick with

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