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It's no news that the Big Brother Naija 2018 show is coming to an end today, April 22, 2018 and it appears the drama queen of this edition of the show, Cee-C is at it again.

With the show coming to an end in a couple of hours, the housemates seem to be ready to face the outside world and face both fans and critics. One of the cameras in the house captured Cee-C in an emergency meeting with herself

It's probably not too late for the beautiful graduate of Law, as she stood in front of the mirror, addressing herself on issues she realizes is her problem.

In the video which is now making waves on the internet, Cee-C was spotted telling herself in front of the mirror that she has to deal with her anger issues and bitterness

This move has made some fans of the show think that realizing she has that problem is one step closer to solving it, while others feel she is acting for the camera.

One cannot ascertain whether it was a honest move or not, however, time alone will tell

Watch the below video;

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