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It doesn't come as a surprise to us when people have the ruthless of things to say to Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-C - the aura she carries around her most times in the house, is to blame for the stigma that continues to trail her inside and outside the house.

Known as the most controversial housemate in the Big Brother house, a week can't seem to go by without Cee-C putting up a fight with one of the housemates, it's almost as if it's a dosage prescribed to her and without it, she can't live.

A Nigerian lady, Mavis Ishanqueen Michelini has something to say about her as she took to her Facebook page to speak about her and her fans - Mavis dubs Cee-C a Psychopath and says those who are in support of her are sadists and lack empathy.


She wrote:

I don't watch BBN, but I have been following the discussions and also the rivalry between the various teams with a lot of interest

This post is directed at those who love Cee-C because she brings a lot of drama to the show. I understand that the show is all about entertainment, so of course, you'll go for the most entertaining housemates. However, that doesn't take away the fact that you had to choose such a toxic person to root for is disturbing. There is nothing entertaining about Cee-C. She belongs in a freak show and not among sane people.

Nobody among you would like to share space with someone like that girl. You all avoid people like her like plague, yet you have been voting for that girl to remain in the house and to keep tormenting other housemates. This year BBN is a horror house.

The producers put a psychopath with sane people and a great percentage of the audience is paying to watch this psychopath as she tortures other housemates. Anybody who supports Cee-C because they think she is fun is a sadist and lacks empathy.

Cee Tobs

Those other housemates must be going through hell, knowing that any moment from now, that girl might come up with something to stir up some drama. There is nothing worse than psychological abusive.
Cee-C is psychologically and mentally abusing those people.

I hope that the theory according to which the girl is a fake housemate will turn out to be true. I want to believe that that girl is just a terrific actress because I can't imagine that type of person roaming the streets of Nigeria and gaining popularity for being such a nasty person.

There is great TV and there is trash TV. That girl is the perfect example of trash TV. And the fact that she has so many supporters says a lot about our mental state.

No happy person will enjoy watching other people being tortured.
All of una wey dey support that girl and that girl herself nor dey all right. Una get serious issues to deal with.

Her post, of course sparked reactions and some are in total agreement with her... others? Well, not so much... See some reactions below:

Her fans na die hard o! ?? They will soon come for your head o.

I'm always of the opinion that the people who like Cee-c is like her!

If you want people to live with such toxidity, you're a wicked person.

I said it, when they cast bambam for fucking teddy A, I said I would live with 1000 bambams than with jus 1 ceecee.

They call her toxicity real but will stone a witch for being real. What's the difference between the two? It just shows how the heart of many are, closet witches that would rejoice at the other being tormented.

The girl herself has psychological issues, because I've watched her closely and mehn, she's damaged!

It's either she had a traumatizing childhood, which has made her bitter and lash out when she doesn't have her way, or is remotely denied attention.

Recently, she's seen communicating in the house, and I'm like... This girl has noticed she's being avoided like a plague and sticks out like a sore thumb, so what to do? Try to get back in people's good graces, but sadly, the harm has been done.

I have claimed my sub. Still vote her. Anyone who wants her to leave clearly doesn't watch BBNaija. You affirmed you don't watch it so just run away jare. We watch it and want to be entertained.

Cee Cee in my opinion is not quite as toxic as many potray her. She is just a girl who is carless with her emotions. She lets the thing run wild. She is somewhat stupid and arrogant... But i think her undoing is this ability of hers to make people dislike her. As in... people dislike her for just breathing!

You might wanna watch the show though. I think shes not half as bad as you think.

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