Blows 04

So, it looks as if the drama in the house isn't going to end anytime soon.. and we can't just wait for more.

Though Khloe said she was going to mess with Cee-C a little, and she'd tell her to calm the f**k down.. But reverse was the case when she spoke to CeeC yesterday.

Khloe during a question and answer game advised Cee-C about being aggresive.

Blows 06

Khloe told Cee-C that it does not pay to flare up at every given situation.

According to her, Cee-C needs to calm down and let love win.

Khloe said, " Cee-C, you know we had issues before I left the house but regardless I will give you this advice.

"You need to calm down, I mean you don't need to flare up always.

"You have to reset yourself and let love win. "

After this encounter with CeeC, everyone thought Khloe calmness has returned, but with what happened earlier today, It's far from it.

Blows 05

There was a clash that broke between Nina, Khloe and CeeC, and it didn't go down well with them, as they nearly came to blows.

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