• Date: Feb 12, 2017
Now try your brain on these..
1. Answer: (B) Shall we

2. Answer: (a) Yes, I must

3. Answer: (a) needn't

4. Answer (b) isn't it

5. Answer: (b) have they

6. Answer: (c) isn't it

7. Answer: (b) doesn't she

8. Answer: (c) don't we

9.  Answer: (d) hasn't he

10.Answer: (a) are they

11. Answer: (a) can't you

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  • Date: May 11, 2018
Now try your brain on these..

1. Let have a cup of tea, shall we? (a) will we (b) shall we (c) should we (d) could we

2. Must you marry a rich man, yes, i should? (a) yes, i must (b) no, i mustn't (c)yes, i should (d) yes, i would

3. Student:: excuse me sir, must we complete the assignment before launch?
teacher: No, you shouldn't? (a) needn't (b) mustn't (c) can't (d) shouldn't

4. We ought to have visited the Governor, haven't we? (a) oughtn't we (b) isn't it (c) shouldn't we (d) haven't we

5. The students haven't come back from the library,haven't they? (a) isn't it (b) have they (c) haven't they (d) had they

6. Students would always blame their teachers when results are unfavorable, wouldn't they? (a) won't they (b) wouldn't they (c) isn't it (d) can't they

7. Bimbo sings beautifully,doesn't she ? (a) isn't it (b) doesn't she (c) isn't she (d) does she

8. We used to go to that club on Saturday nights,didn't we ? (a) isn't it (b) didn't we (c) don't we (d) aren't we

9. He wrote to you,hasn't he? (a) hadn't he (b) wouldn't he (c) didn't he (d) hasn't he

10. Nowadays, many graduates are not well disposed to teaching,aren't they? (a) are they (b) aren't they (c) do they (d) they are

11. You can travel on your own,isn't it ? (a) cab't you (b) shan't you (c) isn't it (d) won't you

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