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What ever is being headed by Seventh
world most corrupt country "Nigeria" always has bad effect at its first stage.

Nigeria is still a developing country
with no good record of technologies
that is why MTN is the most successful foreign company in Nigeria.

MTN understands the level of technology in Nigeria , now they have launchhed winning of airplane with just few thousands. All of this are

To day i want to delve
deeper.Jamb has introduced
computer system, do you know

Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRLvMk4G9vDDa8nJY_PE SS7h362FowY5tU6QZ7BxdAYwlsZvtR_XPQwg

President Barrak Obama won
as U.S President because all
voting is based on computer,
Result is instant.

Nigeria can introduced same
method to avoid twisting of
result but Nigerian leaders
behind the scene refuses.

I am not talking of Goodluck
ebele jonathan, men who are
controlling Nigeria don't appear
on the screen, jonathan is just
a comouflag, he has no control
over the affairs of Nigeria.

They said Nigeria is still
under developed country so
they can't use computer
voting system. when the
leaders are not using computer
why introducing it to the

Most Nigerian will fail after
the exam not because they are
not inteligent but because the
country is yet to attain such

According to jamb registrar
Mr. Ojerinde, he said that
they are still testing this
cbt and they will have to test
it for 2 years. You See,
now let me ask you, do you
want to take the risk of
something that has not yet
been confirmed ok?

Nigeria is still developing
so don't choose CBT, choose PPT which we all are familiar with
right from nursery to secondary.

In America, secondary student
uses computer from start to
finish so they are use to it.
They are the largest English
speaking country and known for
100% performance in technology.

Hardly can you find computer in
every home in Nigeria.

Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba (AAUA) introduced computer based exam 2012, do you want to know the
performance of their students?

AAUA recorded the worst performance
since the foundation of the school.

So you can imagine what will happen
in Jamb 2013.

Now, guru CHEATMASTER D'GREAT gives a professional advice that you don't choose CBT.

CBT is still under testing by jamb,
the real name is not CBT its called

As for 2013 registration do not
do your registration yet i will
let you know when to.

As for those who wnt to Subscribe for
our jamb packages, you have passed
your jamb 2013 already.
Since April 4, 2009 i have never
supplied fake answers so you have
passed jamb 2013 already.

incase you Dnt knw me, You can ask People if yu wana know more about me, I am not Bragin jez Given You 100% Assurance that You have passed You JAMB if You are Ready to Subcribe to Our Jamb Help Desk!!!

I am one of Nigeria no.1 Online Jamb
Guru. we have been on this
issue of e-testing [cbt] since
2011 so being the first set i
recommend you dont use it. use
what you are acquainted with.

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Am gving out this tweak 2 all my luv ones on Netnaija that are askin 4 ucweb tweak...
Let rock with it while it's hot.
Create a prov settings with the tweak below.


insert diz in your ucweb handler below.......

Front query:webpay.interswitchng.com

proxy type: HOST OR REAL HOST

proxy server: m.opera.com OR www.etisalat.com.ng


port: 3130
hOmepage: wap.gloworld.com
username/pswd: wap

Java user should c8 prov with the Above settings
on ur opera 7, 6.5, 6.0, 4.2 ucweb, qqbrowser, ibrowser e.t.c

frntquery:wap.gloworld.com%[email protected]

host: mobitel-cust.opera-mini.net

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If you have obtained your modem unlock code either from us or elsewhere, follow the steps stated below to complete the unlocking process.

Step 1:- Once you have your modem's unlock code, insert another SIM CARD besides the SIM card of the network that originally provides you with the 3G/EDGE service. For instance, let say you originally use MTN Fastlink modem. What you'll do is to reemove the MTN SIM in the modem and replace it with Glo, Zain or Etisalat SIM.

Step 2:- Plug your modem into your computer. After some seconds, you should then see a small pop-up window that asks for the unlock code.

Step 3:- Type the unlock code correctly within the space provided in the box and click enter. If the unlock code is correct, the small window will disappera meaning that your 3G modem has been successfully unlocked.

You should beware of these three things while unlocking your modem:
1- The name of the network that owns the SIM card inserted should appear close to the network bars. For instance, lets say Glo is the new SIM. "GLO" should appear next to the network bars at the lower left corner.

2- Also note that you ONLY have 10 attempts to inpute the unlock code in other to have your modem unlocked hence, the modem would be locked forever -that's another reason why you should download the software. Besides, you can be upgrading, unlocking and unblocking modems for people in exchange for money. Be smart and grab the opportunity here!

3- If no windows prompting you to enter your modem's unlock code pop up, it means your modem is most likely not locked so, don't border if none appears.
Click here for detailed info on how to add connection profiles for each of the network you wish to use with the modem

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Here is another FREE browsing cheat for MTN Nigeria users. This cheat gives you a 3GB data plan which is unlimited i.e you can choose to exhaust it in a day, a week or a month- it's your choice.

How To Do It

This cheat requires a registered MTN SIM. 0803, 0806, 0703, 0706, 0813, 0816, 0810 regardless of the type of MTN SIM you use, you'll get your 3GB of data plan though it was tested on a newly registered SIM.

If you cannot do it, just fine someone who has an MTN SIM. Register it and load a hundred Naire recharge card on it. And immediately; dial *123*1#. And after about 5 minutes, dial *123#. Whichever responce you recieve, ignore it. The commands are being sent to MTN data service system and which of course, would respond. After you might have done all these, switch off your phone for 24hrs.

By the time you switch on your phone again you will notice that your N100 would be gone and you'll be given 3GB of data in its place. Then; FREE browsing began!

To check your MB data balance; send 2 in an SMS to 131.

FREE Browsing Cheats Notice

Please use this FREE Browsing cheat while it lasts meanwhile, note that the service is not intended and initiated by the service provider. Kind have in mind that they will block and stop the FREE browsing whenever they know of it.

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This Tutorial is Absolutely working Fine... Please No Doubt!!


Step1: Dial _*101*100#_ And You will received a response that you have insufficent balance. Dont worry abt it.

STEP2: Go2 Your message and send them 100 to 131. What ever you get ignore it.

STEP3: just wait till 24hrs 4 the network to propagate your sim.

STEP4: After 24hrs, send message with 2 to 131 you will received sms that you have 1.5GB.

That's all.... Just keep On Repeating it!! Lemmie say Once Again and you get 2.02GB not 2.10GB


Saudi authorities on Wednesday chopped off the hand of a Nigerian muslim convicted of theft, in compliance with the Islamic sharia law strictly applied in the kingdom, the interior ministry said.

Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim was convicted of theft and sentenced to having “his right hand amputated” the ministry said in a statement carried by SPA state news agency.


The punishment was executed in the western city of Mecca, home to the Muslim holy Grand Mosque, where the theft took place, it said.

The ultra-conservative kingdom applies the Islamic sharia law, including executions by the sword for people convicted of molest, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking.

Last year December, another Nigerian Abdulsamd Ismail Hausawa had his hand also chopped off for being involved in the tehft of gold, a pistol, a mobile phone and a car.

At intervals, Nigerians have also been beheaded for smuggling drugs into the Saudi Kingdom.

Hmmmmm!!! First Question You will ask Your self when You see the title of these Post is: Could these by Real?? Yes it is Real and I personaly Confirmed it Working 100%....

Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRsaKylh6J_ JQbCysbgpjnPR2VVrMCkBibjAjr2hIaBLw_sPJRpqvnpA

My Bis expired Yesterday so I decided to subscribe for Airtel BIS Daily Plan by Rechargin N10
airtime, After that I send SOCIALDAY to 440.

I received message that: Your Last call was 0.0.0kobo, so I kept on sending the code till the money was Removed, I dialled *123*10#, what I met there was Your Balance is 140MB Your subscribtion will expire on Dec 5 2012.


==> To get 83GB On Your Airtel Sim, Load N1200 on Your Airtel Sim and Send BSM to 440 and Continue texting it Multiply before they message You of Successful Subsribtion.

NOTE:- Above Dnt work all the time, it only work Around 7:30AM to 8:00AM

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Being Long We Browsed FREE on Etisalat! But Chillax @ All cos the Etisalat Tweak Bomb Blast Just landed On Opera Server..

APN(Access Point)-etisalat

Opera Handler:-



Proxy Type:-Host

Proxy Server:-Leave Empty/Blank!!!

The Speed is [comment reserved]

Test nd Return to Netnaija Surfing Evrywhere For Free...


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