Step 1. Insert Airtel
Sim To any phone,
Make Sure U ar On
Airtel Club 10 Homies...
Step 2. Load #100
card, wait untill dey
give u 15MB.
Step 3. Then Send
BYC3 to 440 Dey will
Reply U with , ( Dear
subscriber, you have
sent an incorrect
keyword. ) Dont Mind
De Message...
chek Ur MB by Dailing
*141*712*0# And u
will see 800MB Repeat
It Again And U will Be
given Anoda 800MB,
Note- U Can Only Do It

play this game for national 57.38.68 1.90.22 32.34.79 71.88.63 49.34.88 play the one you like parming gud look 2sure 1.90 31.34

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