There are two files inside diz zip "forum.php"&"index.php" unzip d files into ur phone....
upload forum.php in /admincp
and index.php into /forum folder via ftp....

den edit ur Category nd add ur image via url


thanks it worked fine really appreciate... can you share quote in forum and attachment script please AND WHATS YOUR OWN SITE i said b4 edit d Category again via Admincp,& input d wil work,if it dosnt..notify me,i'll send u a file



While Creating The forum category ,Write only the Category name without Choosing Any picture,den submit....its will be successfully creatd & will display but wit pbnl default image...den edit d category nd choose a pic...DONE


your solution worked but after that the image wont show at all. but img will be in the image box

hello am new to pbnl, i installed pbnl 2.3 it worked fine then i went to create forums. it have me a note that it as been created but its not visible even in admin cp. i tried to create it again and i used the image i used before and it said image in use. the question is how do i make my forums visible?