G0 die.. ... I m n0t even scared of the d america cyberxtreme HAcking gr0up talkless of an unk0wn kid like yoU. If y0u try any thing Stupid#
Next time i wil erase all your database..


lolx ..ωє αяє χℓ3gι0η.уσυ αяє ησтнιηg. уσυ ωιℓℓ ƒαℓℓ ιη тнє нαη∂â€Ñ• σƒ συя ƒєℓℓσω вяσтнєяѕ αη∂ ѕιѕтєяѕ. ωє υηιтє αѕ σηє вυт ƒιgнт αѕ мαηу.....expect-us #Hacktivist <D5M6L4R>

hahaha i m expecting you.. Playb0y started first.. I m CyBerKID always tr0ubles0me and helpful t00. Do u kn0w d meaning of Black hat?

Search g00gle...

Beside he use Tk Forwarding d0main n0t dns bcus dat d0main is already damage.


daz y i couldnt pack it...| fuck u...well i done forward buh he no dey ok....ama open an0ther.. Buh stil expect-us (lol)

leave ma.. He didnt even put harkorede name such is life


foolz ..did i say am the author of the script..u beta use ur brain.....simple english u no understand... ..i dnt rap wit kids like u. Get a w0rk.

this script is made from ab0ut 4 different scripts
2. JsDC
3. DDU

its 97% bug free..

Alth0ugh it codings might seem r0ugh but easier to understand.

* m0d rewrite file url
* advance Admin cp
* mp3 tag details for mp3 files
* admin can create category and add preffered extentions and image while creating..
* advance users, files, category management..
* c0mplete file information view with mime type, etc.

How to Install!
* Upload and unzip to server
* edit /includes/connect.php
* add ur database details to connect.php
* goto yoursite/install.php and follow the pr0cedures there
* Delete Install.php file and ursite 's ready for use.

<br> ama share the update s00n..

HDM_v1.zip (157.7KB) [870 views]
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