Popular crossdresser, Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky has revealed why he dressed like a man to attend his father's birthday party.

One of his fans, identified as Prince Sidney had taken to the comment section of his post to ask him why he looked so modest on his father's birthday.


Reacting to this, Bobrisky said there's absolutely nothing wrong with what he wore to his father's birthday, and it wasn't necessary to 'paint his face' while visiting his father.

He further mentioned that he respects his family so much, adding that his cross dressing life isn't a secret to his parents, because they see his pictures on IG.

See his post below;



Popular Nigerian singer, Davido decided to clean out his Instagram page by unfollowing thousands of accounts including his fiancée, Chioma Avril Rowland and his close associates.

Fans noticed the activity as the singer's follow list shrunk from 5,626 to zero (0).

The DMW boss, however, didn't not give any reason why he reduced his following list.

The new development comes after the singer's fiancée, Chioma Avril Rowland debunked claims of domestic violence in their relationship.

recalls the singer changed his phone number earlier in the month of June as he said it was time to take care of himself and stop putting the interest of other people before his.

See screenshot below:

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Mauro Icardi

French champions Paris St Germain have signed striker Mauro Icardi on a permanent deal from Inter Milan, the Serie A club said on Sunday.

Argentine Icardi, 27, joined PSG in September on a season-long loan with a buy-out option.

"FC Internazionale Milano announces the transfer of Mauro Icardi to Paris Saint-Germain FC; the striker, born in 1993, has permanently moved to the French club.

"The club thanks the player for the six seasons he spent with us and wishes him the best for his future professional career," Inter said in a statement.

Icardi scored 20 goals in 31 matches in all competitions before the season was officially concluded on April 30, with 10 games remaining due to the COVID-19 crisis.

He has been competing for a place in the side with Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani, PSG's all-time top scorer, whose contract expired on June 30. (Reuters/NAN)

Black Women Extra Shade

The skin is the largest and one of the most visible organs in the human body. Our skin enables us to sense cold, heat, pain, and vibration, as well as rough or smooth surfaces.

Skin also plays an important role in the production of vitamin D, which is essential to bone formation. This production of vitamin D takes place with the help of sunlight. However, there is an increasing danger in excessive exposure of the skin to sunlight. To help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun it is important to avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun and also wear sunscreen daily.

What is Sunscreen and how does it work?

Sunscreen also called sunblock is a topical product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation and thus helps protect against sunburn. It can be in the form of a lotion, spray, gel, oil or stick.

There are two different types of sunscreen, physical and chemical sunscreen:

Physical Sunscreen also called (mineral sunscreen) acts as a shield to protect the skin. Once applied the filters form a physical barrier, reflecting or scattering UV waves.

Chemical sunscreen, on the other hand, absorbs UV rays and releases their energy as heat.

People with darker skin tones are less likely to suffer from sunburns because of the amount of melanin their skin produces, however, I hate to break it to you - UV rays don't discriminate!

Below are four reasons you should wear Sunscreen

  • Sunscreen helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It blocks these rays, greatly reducing the likelihood of sunburn.

  • Wearing sunscreen slows down the development of wrinkles and premature ageing of the skin.

  • Wearing sunscreen helps lower your risk of skin cancer.

  • Daily use of sunscreen can also help you treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by acne giving you an even skin tone.

In the end, it really doesn't matter what your skin tone, race, gender or age is. Exposing your skin to the sun without proper protection can be very damaging and as they say, prevention is better than cure so get your SPF on.

Head of Nigeria Police Complaints Response Unit, Yomi Shogunle, has revealed that a bride in waiting has been hospitalized for shock.


According to him, a man impregnated his ex-girlfriend during lock-down after his fiancée's family opted for indefinite postponement of their wedding.

The groom's family's request of a quiet wedding and the bride moving in with the groom was rejected. The waiting groom and is ex then reconnected during the lock-down and is she now pregnant.

"A wedding slated for Week-2 of #CoronaVirus lockdown.

Due to new bylaws, groom's family suggested a quiet solemnization (10 people) & big party later but bride's family opted for indefinite postponement. Groom's request for bride to move in wit him till new date was rejected.

The waiting groom & Ex connected, she came on a visit,couldn't return to her base cos of inter-state lockdown. They stayed together all through the stay-at-home orders.

Ex is now pregnant, their parents saying no abortion.

Bride in waiting now hospitalized for shock."


A Baby Drinking Water. Photo Pinterest

Children tend to play a lot, with anything and at any time. While playing, they often come in contact with dirt and germs, which could lead to skin problems if left unattended.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, whether as adults or children. Children have thinner, more delicate, and highly sensitive skin, which means more effort must be put into caring for their skin.

As a parent, it is essential to know how to properly care for your child's skin, maintaining their complexion, and reducing their risks of getting skin infections.

Here are 6 beauty tips for caring for your child's skin:

Choose the Right Skincare Product

Proper care must be taken when choosing skincare products for your child. Like with adult products, you should focus on the ingredients listed at the back rather than the packaging. Because children have highly sensitive skin, using the wrong products could cause them to develop skin problems that might be difficult to treat.

As such, avoid skincare products that contain chemicals such as sulfate and parabens. Opt for sensitive children skin-friendly products that are also dye-free and perfume free, making sure to check the back of the products for its ingredients.

Use Sunscreen

Direct exposure to the sun could harm your child's skin as it can cause burns and irritation. This is why it is vital to protect your child's skin from the harsh effect of the sun's UV rays. Wear protective clothing for your kids and apply sunscreen on the exposed parts of their skin.

When choosing a sunscreen for your kids, opt for one with an SPF of at least 30 and protects against UVA and UVB rays. Also, avoid sunscreens with PABA as this can irritate the skin. Avoid using sunscreen for babies under six months instead keep them covered up and away from the sun.

Keep their Skin Clean

For healthy-looking skin, your children need regular baths. These baths help them stay clean by removing germs and bacteria from the skin surface. Give them regular baths twice a day, making sure to use lukewarm water and mild soaps.

Teach your children to properly wash their hands with warm water and soap, making sure to rinse and dry thoroughly. They should be taught to wash their hands after playing outside, before eating and after using the bathroom. For older children, teach them to wash their face twice a day with a mild cleanser to reduce oil and prevent acne.


Dry skin is very popular among younglings, mostly because they often forget to rub some lotion on. This is why, as a parent, one of your responsibilities is to ensure your child's skin stays moisturised all the time.

Choose a moisturiser free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, GMOs, sulfates, and bisphenol-A. Make sure the moisturiser you use is gentle on your child's sensitive skin and dermatologically proven to have no adverse effects on children. Apply lotion their arms, legs, and faces right after each bath to lock in moisture.

Make The Drink Water

Children often prefer sugary sodas and drinks to water. Water helps with detoxifying the body, contributing significantly to healthy-looking skin. As such, it is vital to get your kids to drink water as often as they can.

This would not only prevent dehydration but also keep their skin in prime condition. To get your children to drink more water, you should limit their choices to milk or water other than soda or add fruits into the water for more flavour.

Observe Changes To Your Child's Skin

Children's skin tends to change ever so often so you should keep an eye out for these changes. Be watchful for moles, rashes, or skin colour changes making sure to consult your doctor once these changes seem out of control.

Final Note

Like with adults, skincare is also important for healthy glowing skin among children. Take time out to care for your children's skin as their bodies grow and change to keep it in prime condition. Also, remember that it is never too early to teach your children how to care for their skin.


We all want very flawless and bright skin, we literally wear makeup and complexion products to mimic the look of perfect skin and make us look extra beautiful. However, sometimes, our skincare products are not necessarily the best for our skin and might actually be causing us more harm than good.

A lot of us have experimented and are experimenting with a lot of skincare products during this period and while some people have discovered new, amazing products just right for them, others have a different experience. There are some signs you should look out for when you start a new skincare routine to know if the products you are using are not really right for you and here are five things you should take note of:


If you use any skincare product and your skin starts getting red patches or becomes inflammed, then there is a problem somewhere. Skin reactions like this are as a result of your skin not agreeing with some ingredients in the product and you should stop immediately. Make sure you are observant of all the things you are using on your skin so that you can trace the product that might be causing this reaction. Don't think to ride it out or force your skin to adjust, stop it and look for an alternative.

Excessive oiliness

If you use a certain moisturiser or you are following a particular routine and you notice that your skin is becoming excessively oily, then there is a problem somewhere. Excessive oiliness is sometimes a sign that your skin is trying to protect you from some harsh ingredients in your products by over moisturising your skin


Skin tightness

This one usually is a red flag after you use a cleanser or serum. If your skin feels so tight that you cannot really open your mouth without feeling a little pain, then you should probably do more research on that item. Some cleansers are very drying and irritating because they contain sodium laurite sulfate.

Acne Breakouts

If you normally do not have skin that is prone to acne breakouts or you aren't close to your period and you are having frequent acne breakouts, then it is time for you to analyse the items you are using in your routine. Some items are not to be paired together while some are comedogenic and can easily clog your pores.


This is one major red flag when it comes to skincare because itchiness is usually as a result of the presence of bacteria. If you use a product or follow a routine and your skin begins to itch afterwards, try staying clear of those products for a few days to see what will happen. If the itching stops, you need to discontinue using that product.

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Actress Genevieve Nnaji's luminous appearance and youthful complexion have fans wondering if the multitalented award-winning actress is actually aging in reverse.

The mother of one is known for her of confidence and self-love with the way she flaunts her natural beauty effortlessly. Take it or leave it, Genevieve is arguably one of the most beautiful women in Nigeria.

The beautiful Nollywood actress is in the news again as Genevieve Nnaji have decided to taunt her fans with an extremely gorgeous picture she shared on her Instagram page and just as expected, it was quite a hot one that left many drooling for more.The adorable has got many Nigerians asking why the 41-year-old has refused to age.

Check out the picture below:

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"Share the recipe for this immortality serum How can you be aging backwards"

"You really need to write a book and tell us how to remain forever young and beautiful"

"The old habits die hard......the celeb that refuse to get old"

"Daaaaaaaamn I can marry you with no regrets bout age differences"

"Africa woman, you are always looking young every day"

"You want to cause problem to this our generation. You want the girls In their 20s to say dey are old abi. Mama try old small abeg."

Ardha Matsyendrasana. Photo Stocksy United

It is no news that doing yoga has tremendous health benefits on the body. The benefits of yoga do not stop at an active, open mind but also include a well-toned body.

This is because Yoga provides stress relief, improved flexibility, and reduces inflammation, all of which contribute to the general well-being of the human body.

The skin, the largest organ in the body, needs a lot of care, and yoga is a natural way to improve the quality of your skin. Environmental pollutants and the body's hormonal imbalance often cause changes to the skin, and doing yoga corrects these changes by detoxifying the body, regulating digestion, and maintaining proper blood circulations.

Here are 5 best yoga poses for healthy glowing skin:

Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

The Forward Fold is a great yoga pose for youthful skin with a natural glow. The Uttanasana increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the face and also helps reduce tummy fat. It allows for skin cell renewal while fighting free radicals.

To do this, start with a mountain pose and place both feet firmly on the ground with your hands on your hips exhaling slowly. Next, bend forward slowly from your hip joints until you reach the length of your front torso. The final step is to bend your elbows, holding on to each elbow with the other hand. Hold this pose for 1 minute, and you can also choose to sway lightly from side-to-side.

Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

This pose bends the back, opening the rib cage to increase the flow of oxygen into the body. It helps with reducing stress and balancing the body's hormones while also decreasing breakouts of acne and blemish.

Start on your knees, spread shoulder-width apart, then tuck your toes under making sure your hips aligned over your knees. Next, rest your hands behind your pelvis, fingers facing down to straighten the tailbone. Finally, using each heel, lift and reach back through the pelvis while making sure your spine remains long and arms outward. Hold this pose for one minute before going back to the starting position.

Twisted Seated Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

The Twisted seated pose significantly improves digestive health and also helps with detoxifying waste and toxins from the body. Detoxification contributes considerably to healthy glowing skin, so this asana pose is a great choice.

Take a seated pose, sitting up straight, legs stretched forward, torso tucked, and shoulder blades drawn towards each other. Lift and bend your right leg over the next, making sure your right foot stays flat by your left thigh. Finally, turn your torso right while your left arm remains pressed firmly on the ground.

Plough Pose (Halasana)

The plough pose is better placed towards the end of your routine. This asana pose calms the brain nerves and heart while reliving digestive organs. So, you enjoy better sleep, improved detoxification and glowing skin.

Start off laying on the floor, with your arms extended and placed firmly on the floor side-by-side. Keeping your palms facing the floor, slowly lift your legs and torso with the support of your back, arms and shoulders. Your toes should lay just above your head, hold this pose for thirty seconds to one minute.

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

This asana pose relaxes your mind by reducing stress, thus keeping your skin at the top of its game. Just as it is easy to do, its health benefits also remain unmatched testifying to the beauty that is the Savasana.

Start by laying flat on your back with your feet spread apart and your arms placed by your sides palm up. Relax your shoulders and hold this pose for thirty seconds to one minute.

Final Word

The best yoga poses for your skin are also determined by your skin type. However, these poses listed work best for all skin types. Both beginners and experts can easily do them and they are just as effective for either party.

Asides these asana poses, meditation also helps with giving you healthy glowing skin.

While doing these asana poses, remember to drink water, eat fresh fruits, rest and opt for skincare products made with natural ingredients.

Boss Mustapha

Boss Mustapha

The federal government says wearing of face mask is now mandatory for all Nigerians.

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) and Chairman, Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, said this on Thursday at the 31st joint national briefing of the taskforce in Abuja.

According to Mustapha, the use of face mask is not an option but a directive backed by a law signed by President Muhammadu Buhari and asked governors and security agencies to enforce compliance.

The SGF said, "There is a question that has to do with the usage of face masks, whether it is optional or not, no. The fact that we are persuasive does not mean that there is an option to it.

"It was part of the declaration that was signed by Mr. President. All the protocols that were predicted by the authority vested on Mr. President by the Quarantine Act. And once he attested his signature to that, it has the force of law.

"Our appeal is that this is a collective effort that each and every Nigerian should be responsible to himself and other Nigerians to wear a mask, not necessarily a medical mask.

"That is why we said mask or cloth covering so that our people would not be going to pick things from the dustbin and be hanging on their faces," Mustapha said.

According to him, even a handkerchief could serve the purpose, saying "it is not in any way an optional but a must."

He added, "And we are appealing to the security agencies and the state governments and sub-national entities that have the power of enforcement to do that.

"It is very important that we inculcate the culture of doing things to the overall benefits of all."

Governor Wike

The Governor Nyesom Wike led Rivers State government has approved the construction of a primary school on the site of the demolished hotel building in the state.

Recall that Prodest Hotel, Eleme, and Etemeteh Hotel, Onne, were demolished by the state government for allegedly violating the lockdown directives.

Paulinus Nsirim, Rivers commissioner for information and communication, made this known to newsmen on Wednesday.

Nsirim, while explaining the reason for demolition, said that the demolition was carried out in line with an executive order and to protect the state

He also revealed that one of the task force members that was attacked during the demolition had died.

The commissioner said the deceased died from injuries sustained in the attack.

Pjimage 79 3

The Suspects

A Port Harcourt High Court, Rivers, has sentenced a 200 level student of Physics Department, University of Port Harcourt, Ifeanyi Maxwell-Dike, and Ugochukwu Nwamiro to death by hanging over the murder of an 8-year-old girl, Victory Chikamso Nmezuwuba in 2017.

Justice Adolphus Enebeli, who has been presiding over the case, handed down the sentence to Maxwell-Dike and Nwamiro without the option of fine.

One is to be hung on his neck until he dies while the other is to be hung on the leg till he dies as well.

Dike, who was 23 years old, when the incident happened in 2017, was apprehended with a sack containing Chikamso's remains following a tip-off by members of Eliozu Community in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area who alerted the Police.

He was later handed over to the Police for further investigations and prosecution. Dike harvested the victim's eyes, vagina, finger and tongue, after raping and murdering her with the assistance of his cousin, Ugochukwu.


Billionaire businessman and Chairman, Five Star Group, Emeka Okonkwo aka E -Money has left police custody after six hours of intensive probing.

E -Money, it was learnt, arrived at the Police Headquarters Annex, Kam Salem, Obalende, Ikoyi, around 1 pm in a wine -coloured suit.


He was subsequently grilled for about six hours by the Inspector-General of Police, Monitoring Department.

"E-Money, who is the brother of Nigerian singer , Kingsley Okonkwo, aka K-Cee visited the Force HQ annex yesterday and met with police detectives and was grilled for about six hours.

He came along with two others and responded to many questions. Somebody took his bail and he was allowed to leave and return on Wednesday for more questioning," a police source told ThePunch.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid players pose for a team group PHOTO: Juan Medina / Reuters

Real Madrid's players returned to work at the club's training ground on Monday ahead of the planned resumption of La Liga next month.

After finding no positive cases from tests for coronavirus last week, Madrid's players arrived at Valdebebas to train for the first time in two months.

Madrid was one of the first clubs to go into quarantine after a basketball player tested positive for coronavirus on March 12, the same day La Liga suspended all competitive fixtures.

But after almost nine weeks training at home, Zinedine Zidane's players initiated the first phase of La Liga's training programme, that includes players working individually, with a maximum of six on a pitch at once.

"Divided into two rotations and on various pitches, Real Madrid footballers carried out their first individual exercises with and without the ball," the club said in a statement, with several photographs of the players in action.

Eden Hazard was among those pictured running, the Belgian returning after undergoing surgery on his right foot in the United States on March 5.

Thibaut Courtois, Gareth Bale and Marcelo were also training alone while Zidane wore a mask as he gave out instructions.

Madrid preferred to wait until Monday to begin training again, after other clubs like Barcelona, Sevilla and Villarreal resumed on Friday.

Barcelona are two points ahead of Real Madrid at the top of the table.

La Liga's plan is for players to progress through a staggered schedule that will see them train alone, in small groups and then finally in larger team sessions.

The league's president Javier Tebas told Movistar on Sunday night he hopes games might be able to restart behind closed doors on June 12.

Tebas said the remaining 11 rounds of La Liga matches would be played over 35 days, with fixtures on every day over that period.

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