started the journey to the internet in the minds of Okunlola Adekunle Abiodun (Cheatmaster) who wanted an avenue to share his technological ideas to the rest of the world and also let others do the same. He picked his domain of choice as and the site was launched in March 2009.

All work and no play makes jack dull they say. In 2011, he added more categories to the website to make it more fun browsing. The jokes, entertainment news, media downloads and more were added. The users welcomed this development. Later that year he met his partner and friend Analike Emmanuel Bridge (Gerardcole). Bridge only did him the favor of providing a very sought after information for him without asking him for anything in return. He liked his kind of person and requested they be partners. Bridge agreed to this.

With Bridge having his back. The website was moved from the free platform ( it was running on to a Nigerian owned Apache© server running PHP and MySQL. Since migrating contents was near impossible considering task of moving post by post as the Wapka platform wasn't using an SQL server accessible to the site owner, all contents were left back and they started anew. The domain was then switched to since '' didn't portray what the site was into.

Today NetNaija is running as a forum and a download center, achieving the interpretation of 'Networking' (Net) 'Nigerians' (Naija) with entertainment and discussion boards.